Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver supports the immune system, promotes wound healing and is good for the skin as well. Moreover, it can be used as a home remedy for dry and irritated eyes, ear pain and during the cold and flu seasons. This is certainly one measure that is used by many people all over the world in different ways for different applications. Those who use it, do it with a passion and love, just like me – in return colloidal silver facilitates their everyday life.

But there’s more to it than that: Some physicians and alternative practitioners consider that colloidal silver can be used to exert a favourable influence on cancer therapy and even as prophylaxis. Furthermore, colloidal silver can perform a detoxification of the body with a stimulating effect on body and soul. As this form of silver changed my life to a large extent and as it can be used for fighting many diseases, I would like to present you the potential benefits of colloidal silver.

What is colloidal silver?

Colloids are extremely fine particles suspended in another substance in such a way that they float. Colloidal silver is a commercially sold product consisting of microscopically small silver particles suspended in demineralized, pure ionized water – hence the term silver water. Colloids come across us every day in skin care and pharmaceutical products and even in materials such as plastic or glue. Not only colloids but also silver particles in themselves can be found in ointments or cosmetics.

Colloids do not just describe a chemical property but also a system state. These conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously to turn a system into a colloidal system:

  1. As colloids are extremely small particles suspended throughout another substance, there must be at least two different substances – silver & water
  2. The components belong to different physical states – CS describes a liquid dispersion of silver
  3. The particles need to be insoluble so that they can float in the dispersion medium – silver particles are insoluble in water

Colloidal silver meets these requirements. Extremely small silver particles are mixed with water and do not dissolve. This is how they can act in our body, and it can feel really good.

What is it good for?

It’s the bioelectric qualities that makes colloidal silver a true all-rounder in therapeutic medicine. Silver has a germicidal effect and combats bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal spores. Colloidal silver not only helps us to fight infections, but also

  • promotes wound healing
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps avoid fatigue
  • relieves insect bites
  • improves hair loss

But there’s more to it than that. These are only some of the many potentially positive health effects, some examples based on my own experiences. Everyone should decide himself whether to use it  as a remedy or not.

What are the benefits?

Colloidal silver as efficient antibacterial agent

Silver can be used as an antimicrobial to fight infections. Previous studies have shown that antimicrobials in the form of nanoparticles could be used as effective bactericidal materials due to their enhanced reactivity, resulting from their high surface-to-volume ratio. And this is how colloidal silver works: The silver particles invade the dangerous pathogens and inactivate or even kill them by blocking certain enzymes. This explains how it works for viral and bacterial infections, for colds and flues as well as cough and sniffles. In our bodies colloidal silver fights the pathogen responsible for the infection by deactivating it. But the most important thing is that there is no violation of cells important for us.

Colloidal silver may therefore be used in cases of:

  • inflammation of the eye
  • oral and dental diseases
  • respiratory diseases

It soothes irritated eyes and airways and can relieve symptoms considerably in each area.

Enhancement of wound healing – regeneration of skin, tissue and bones)

Studies have shown that colloidal silver is able to treat inflammations of the skin through cytokine modulation and induce wound healing with decreased scar formation. They say the wound will heal within a few days, and it works for me. Carefully apply a patch or a damp cloth moistened with colloidal silver on the affected area to clean and disinfect the wound. Furthermore, colloidal silver serves as a considerable preventive element by tightening the skin. Elastic skin does not crack and can withstand the high loads. In general, colloidal silver promotes the skin’s regenerative capacity – whether it’s just a small scratch or a larger wound (e.g. a grazed knee).

Pink eye and other eye infections

When applied on the infected eye, colloidal silver helps you soothing the irritation. You can just put a few drops directly in the affected eye. Indeed, colloidal silver can be used for stopping itching and redness of the eyes. When conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria (pink eye), it can help dilute irritating allergens present in the tear film.

Ear infections

It’s no problem to use colloidal silver as ear drops – just apply it on the affected spot! When applied on the infected ear, it helps you soothing the irritation. Moreover, the silver will fight bacteria in the ear, reduce inflammation and quickly relief respective symptoms.

Sinus infections

It does not only work for inflammation of the eyes and ears, but also for sinus infections. CS for sinus infections can provide long-term relief due to its antibacterial properties.

Colloidal silver with acne, herpes or neurodermatitis

Colloidal silver is supporting the regeneration of the skin, that’s why it’s also getting used for diseases on the skin like Acne, Herpes and Neurodermitis. If there’s already a wound made from acne, it’s pulling function is responsible for not damaging the skin too much. It also has an antiseptic function, so the wound doesn’t get infected. As well it supports the tissue getting built faster and prevents unpopular skin problems from developing as fast.

Colloidal silver is good for the immune system

The human body consists out of 0,001 % silver. It isn’t that much, but when the percentage gets lower it can cause problems for the immune system. If you put colloidal silver into your body, it can help to keep up your percentage of silver. That’s why colloidal silver encourages the immune system and is good for your health.

Colloidal silver with allergic reactions

If you’re using silver water, it can have a positive outcome towards allergies. The superior immune system gets back to balance and the reaction of the body to the allergy gets weaker. Colloidal silver is also inhibiting through an oppression of phosphate intake and permeability of the cell membrane, the release of the hormones Histamine and Prostaglandin.

Colloidal silver to detoxify your body

Through the bioelectric quality of colloidal silver, it can bind heavy metals and detox the body. It’s called heavy metal drainage. A lot of people are having quicksilver in their body, gotten from dental treatment. It’s quite harmful for the human body. CS is binding and neutralising the quicksilver and leads it out of the body.

Colloidal silver with insect bites and tick bites

Colloidal silver can have positive effects on insect and tick bites. The antiseptic impact is disinfecting the wound in a natural way and inhibits an infection. It also eases the pain and the itching, which stresses out the skin additionally (e. g. through scratching the skin).

Colloidal silver with stem cell research

Colloidal silver can promote the production of stem cells. It’s only working though, if the body has enough silver ions. In the cancer research they’re reporting from positive success stories through colloidal silver. When there’s enough silver in the body, the cancer cells get dedifferentiated. If there’s not enough silver, the cancer cells are still growing. Colloidal silver is giving the body silver, that’s missing.

It must be considered though, that they’re still experimenting a lot in the cancer research, especially about stem cell research. There are some examples that shows that colloidal silver can have positive effects in such diseases, but there’s not enough background yet to explain it furthermore.

Colloidal silver with HIV

One thing upfront: The HI virus isn’t curable yet, even CS can’t stop it. But that’s why you shouldn’t stop trying and give it a go. Colloidal silver can supposedly kill the virus of the disease, well it’s working in a test tube. The patient can’t be cured (yet), but there are examples and hope, that the colloidal silver can prolong the outbreak of the disease. It strengthens the immune system and protects the body better from other diseases. It’s not only having positive effects and hope for HIV patients, it also advantages and supports in other diseases. The exact procedure and functioning isn’t clarified yet though.

Colloidal silver and its effects in medicine is already known from the antique

Due to its unique chemical properties, silver is broadly utilized in several different fields, for example, optics and photonics, electron microscopy, catalysis, and biology; silver is found in everyday products such as computers, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, filters for water and air, textile products, and due to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, also in deodorants, soaps, toothbrushes, and toothpaste .

Silver, in the form of silver ions or nanoparticles (NPs), has been used for centuries against various diseases and for its strong antiseptic and antimicrobial efficacy against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria associated with low toxicity. Although the antimicrobial mechanism of action of silver ions has not been fully elucidated yet and remains controversial, evidence of their activity in the inhibition of the enzyme respiratory system, in the alteration of the microbial DNA, and in the cell wall degradation has been provided. Moreover, silver nanoparticles exhibit a broad spectrum of actions against morphologically and metabolically different microorganisms.

They already proved it in the antique that you can use silver for way more than in the production of jewellery. Which effect did the silver have in the early days? An Indian doctor named Charaka, the founder of ayurvediane medicine, found out that you can use colloidal silver for therapeutic use and is good for the health. Not only in India, also in Egypt, Rome or China was the healing effect known.

In china they produced acupuncture needles out of silver, so the wounds don’t get infected, in Egypt they used it in powder form, solved into water, for inner usage of wounds and in other regions silver was used as disinfectant. Even Hippocrates the father of medicine taught that silver heals and disinfects wounds.

Several other discoveries, that prove the versatility of silver use, were made in the middle ages. CS and its use gained high appreciation in regards of blood purification or heart diseases and it was also used against bad breath.

Paracelsus used silver to lead quicksilver out of the body – using colloidal silver to detox the body wasn’t something out of the newer ages anymore. In the middle ages colloidal silver and its applications have been versatile, and the significance of silver has risen enormously again.

Later medical silver was used against epilepsy or syphilis, furthermore they invented ointments and creams with silver for the external use, against haemorrhoids and rashes.

In the modern times they found new application areas. Additionally, to the internal and external applications, they used colloidal silver also for serious wound treatments.

In the 18th century they said that medical silver works wonders for eye inflammation, and they also found out, that its helpful with skin burns and skin transplants. It is also known for versatile skin remedy and protection.

Especially from mid-20 century it got successfully used to fight various eye infections, including corneal ulcer, eyelid inflammation or dacryocystitis (lacrimation). Additionally, it was also proven that its very effective in treating childbirth fever, epididymitis, blood poisoning and other infectious diseases. It has been proven to be effective in various diseases.

From the beginning to the mid-20th century about 10000 people eventually consumed colloidal silver and several million doses were given intravenously. In the history of medicine, silver has proven to be an important therapeutic substance, especially in infectious diseases and wound infections in surgery it’s very important. The risk-performance-relationship is quite positive, there’s a high number of possibilities to use, the impact is impressive, and there are surprisingly little risks or side effects.

Side effects of colloidal silver

With such a wide variety of application options and positive health effects, you’re probably wondering if there are also negative aspects like side effects. First of all, we must point out the people that suffer from allergies, because there are people that are allergic to silver. Here you should be careful and don’t use colloidal silver, otherwise allergic reactions can occur. The positive effect for everyone else: Its very unlikely that colloidal silver causes any side effects. Yet, they exist in almost every effective way. The best-known side effect is argyria which is the grey colouration of the skin. It’s an irreversible condition and may be caused due to a supply of silver by drugs, cosmetics, silver salt or colloidal silver. It does not necessarily be the trigger for argyria though. For example, people who work in the metal industry might come in contact with silver dust, or people working in photo labs get in contact with silver salts. It must be said, that people who suffer from grey or blue discolouration of the skin, have taken years and way too much of colloidal silver. Therefore, all the horror stories told about people suffering from argyria due to colloidal silver should not be given too much attention. CS can also affect the nervous system as the silver accumulates there. This can lead to side effects like cramps, abdominal pain, dizziness or taste disorders. However, these symptoms are extremely rare, and it should be noted that these side effects can occur with almost any drug. For example, even headache tablets can cause headaches in extremely rare cases (or overdose).

That said: You must follow the dosage recommendations, colloidal silver (as well as other medicine) must not be taken for years. If you’re following it, almost never side effects occur.

Spiritual attributes of colloidal silver

It’s difficult to prove an investigation concerning a person’s happiness and mind. Nevertheless, it can be postulated that the colloidal water also has positive effects on the mental development of a person.

The information flow in the human body is performed by electrically polarized cells, so it’s very likely that the polarization of electric silver particles affects the cells in our bodies and our nervous systems.

Sometimes you feel like there’s something blocking our brain, our body or our soul. A supply of colloidal silver could possibly lift this blockade. There would be a charge balancing of electrostatic loads and our bodies are powered by the silver particles of colloidal silver. It comes to a healing process of our mind. In this way, colloidal silver could treat mental disorders and psychological complaints.

Miracle water or just silver water? Is there a positive impact on body and soul? I guess everyone must find the truth for themselves.

Positive conclusion

I consider colloidal silver to be powerful remedy with many potential positive effects. It should be a part of every medicine cabinet – you can use it in many cases. It supports the immune system, promotes wound healing and it’s good for the skin as well. Moreover, it can be used as a home remedy for dry and irritated eyes, ear pain and during cold and flu seasons. This is certainly one measure that is used by many people all over the world in different ways for different applications. I don’t want to miss it in my life!