Colloidal silver – 10 ppm vs. 25 ppm

If you want to buy colloidal silver, you have to choose the number of ppm. It is an abbreviation for parts per million, the concentration of a dilution of one in one million. So the concentration ppm means 1 part of a substance in 1 million parts of air or, in this case:

1 ppm of colloidal silver is one milligram of silver deposited in one liter of water.

10 ppm of colloidal silver is 10 milligrams of silver deposited in one liter of water, whereas colloidal silver with a concentration of 25 ppm consists of 25 milligrams of silver deposited in one liter of water.

Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with these terms and are unsure about how to choose the right number of ppm or the ideal product. This is why I would like to show you how to find a solution that’s perfect for you. This concentration does not necessarily tell us something about the efficacy of colloidal silver. A higher ratio can have remarkable effects on your body and general health, but even low ratios can achieve sustainable success.

The number & size of silver nano-particles

All silver nano-particles exhibit the same electric charge. This causes a mutual repulsion, and their silvery clouds overlap each other. This phenomenon can be attributed to a method known as Born’s rule. There is, however, another force that affects the tiny particles. Silver nano-particles are surrounded by electromagnetic fields which create due to their polarization, an attractive force. If this attraction is too strong, the silver particles merge into some new, larger particles.

Once it rises above a certain concentration, the silver particles will lose their power. If too many particles are given into a dispersion medium, they merge into some new, larger particles, resulting in a reduced total number of active particles. It’s still the same amount of silver in your body, but only extremely small particles are able to act in there.

Which concentration is right for me?

The right concentration of colloidal silver became the subject of a continuing controversial debate. The question whether colloidal silver with 50 ppm is more effective than colloidal silver with 10 or 25 ppm still remains very unclear. I guess it’s useful to try different designations if you don’t know which product to use. Some people count on a low concentration, whereas I would like to entrust a higher ratio to you.

It’s a fact: Colloidal silver with a concentration of 50 ppm contains more silver ions than products with a lower ratio – and therefore more active ingredients that will work in our bodies. Moreover, scientific studies show that colloidal silver with a concentration of 50 ppm possesses a higher ability to inhibit certain pathogens than colloidal silver with lower ppm (1).

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