Colloidal silver: Where to buy? Durability and storage

If you like to gain your own incredible experiences with colloidal silver, you should first reflect on what kind of product you want to use. It is suitable for many treatments (external and internal use) and there is a correspondingly large number of products: pure colloidal silver, sprays, drops, and so on and so forth…

Where to buy colloidal silver?

You can buy colloidal silver in many stores in the U.S. or simply order it online. For example, online shops like Amazon do offer various types of colloidal silver products. You can also get it on cosmetic and health related sites. Online-purchases do convince with a manifold choice and the fact that you can invoke the customers’ experiences. Furthermore, you can buy it in many local stores – for example, at Walmart’s.

Which products are there?

There are many possible treatments with colloidal silver, so I’d like to help you to find the suitable type of application for you. You can use colloidal silver externally to treat wounds or skin diseases or internally to fight internal diseases.

The most popular products are:

Pure colloidal silver

You can buy pure colloidal silver on the internet or in several shops – for example Walmart stores in the U.S. It is made of extremely small silver particles and can be used orally – a spoonful of colloidal silver a day keeps the doctor away.

Rubs and patches with colloidal silver

For the treatment of external diseases, a clean, soft damp cloth or tissue soaked by colloidal silver is applied topically. Colloidal silver is a powerful natural disinfectant that soothes your skin. You can treat skin diseases, such as acne, impure skin, skin rashes, eczemas and neurodermatitis, or wounds and inflammation of the skin. Patches and rubs are reputed to have a more intense effect because of a longer reaction time.

Colloidal silver spray

Colloidal silver is often offered in the form spray bottles. You can use them just like rubs and patches to treat external diseases such as skin problems, but also to fight inflammation and infections of the mouth. Additionally, you can improve asthma, coughs or bad breath.

Colloidal silver drops

Eye drops calm and refresh your eyes, whereas ear drops can be used to treat ear infections. Colloidal silver can be used for the treatment of conjunctivitis or inflammation of the cornea, but also for irritated eyes. Drops can be applied every two hours and are suitable for most sensitive areas.

Colloidal silver ointments

Creams and ointments made of colloidal silver can also be used to treat muscle pain, wounds or skin diseases. You can buy them online or just produce it at home, as you will see later.

Colloidal silver at Walmart’s

You can simply buy colloidal silver at Walmart’s. They do offer

  • Pure colloidal silver
  • Colloidal silver gel
  • Colloidal silver spray
  • Colloidal silver soap
  • Colloidal silver drops (to treat eyes and ears)

One popular brand is sovereign silver. They say themselves that Sovereign Silver is dedicated to continued education and product innovation to aid in the pursuit of health sovereignty – and their products and services have satisfied numerous customers! Their colloidal silver contains 98% positively charged silver, in pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Sovereign Silver’s unique silver species, with a verified and unmatched particle size, remains in its most active state for use within the body.

Storage and durability of colloidal silver

Due to its light sensitivity, colloidal silver should be stored in dark glass bottles. Ultraviolet light exposure causes a photoreduction of silver chloride to metallic silver, which then is oxidized by surrounding tissue and then transformed to silver sulfide (1). Moreover, you should store colloidal silver at room temperature. High temperatures could reduce its effect and shorten the shelf life.

Colloidal silver consists of extremely small silver particles with an electric charge. Due to their electrical and magnetic properties, these particles have an effect inside our bodies and kill bacteria as well as other pathogens. They can lose their charge and effectiveness when exposed to electromagnetic fields – so you should keep it away from your TV, computer and other electrical devices. Do not keep it in your refrigerator.

The best place to store colloidal silver is probably the cellar, a storage room or other dark spaces without any electromagnetic fields.

How long will colloidal silver last? I guess durability is an erroneous common name –  on the contrary, it’s ensuring the effectiveness of colloidal silver. The good thing is that colloidal silver will not spoil. If stored incorrectly, it could lose its healing effects after a longer period of time. When stored properly, you can use it for months or even years.

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