Colloidal silver for dogs and cats

Colloidal silver does not only enhance human health, but also increases the well-being of our four-legged friends – special thanks to my vet who recommended colloidal silver for my Labrador. Colloidal silver for dogs and cats can be used

  • Externally for wounds, cuts or bites
  • Internally to treat inner wounds or to strengthen the immune system of your dog or cat

When deciding, you should always keep in mind what’s best for your dog at heart and take into consideration whether he tolerates colloidal silver – but normally nothing better can happen than colloidal silver. It’s considered safe, non-toxic and healing. Colloidal silver consists of extremely small silver particles that are effective against nearly every germ, bacteria or other pathogens. It’s the ideal way to solve fur and skin problems!

Benefits of colloidal silver for dogs and cats

Colloidal silver can be used internally for dogs, cats and other animals to treat inner wounds or externally for wounds or skin problems. Colloidal silver is really simple to apply, it is foolproof. Just put it in your dogs’ water bowl or use the spray to apply on the damaged skin. It has beneficial effects on various types of diseases and promotes good health in general. Convince yourself the many benefits of colloidal silver for dogs and cats.

Colloidal silver to fight bacteria & infections

Silver can be used as an antimicrobial to fight infections. Previous studies have shown that antimicrobials in the form of nanoparticles could be used as effective bactericidal materials due to their enhanced reactivity, resulting from their high surface-to-volume ratio. The silver particles invade the dangerous pathogens and inactivate or even kill them by blocking certain enzymes – this principle is very effective in all kinds of infections.

Colloidal silver – reduction of eye or ear infections

It’s no problem to use colloidal silver as eye or ear drops. Just apply it on the affected spot. When applied on the infected eye (or ear), colloidal silver helps you soothing the irritation. Indeed, colloidal silver can be used for stopping itching and redness of the eyes, and it can help dilute irritating allergens present in the tear film. Moreover, colloidal silver will fight bacteria in the ear, reduce inflammation and quickly relief respective symptoms.

Colloidal silver for their skin

Studies have shown that colloidal silver is able to treat inflammations of the skin through cytokine modulation. In general, colloidal silver promotes the skin’s regenerative capacity – whether it’s just a small scratch or a larger wound. Just use colloidal silver topically to treat skin infections or fur problems.

Colloidal silver to sooth sore throat

Colloidal silver can be treated by oral application. Just put it in your dogs’ water bowl or give it directly into mouth. Colloidal silver relieves and soothes throat and airway. Furthermore, it supports your dog’s and cat’s immune system.